Weddings, Vow Renewal, Baptisms, & Funerals 

Weddings Styles:


Traditional Religious:  This wedding uses the ceremony many of us have heard of in the past.  The language is the time-honored text from one of the major religions and most often in a church--maybe the type of service in which your parents or grandparents participated.


Traditional Secular:  This wedding service is held in any setting and is most widely used in "civil ceremonies" and officiated by judges or government officials.  It also embraces a creative approach to the service and may include poetry or other text to add personal style and a artistic touch in a non-religious context.


Contemporary Religious:  While these ceremonies retain the religious style of the traditional religious wedding their language is modern and the readings are taken from the newer translations of the Bible or other religious texts.  


Contemporary Secular:  Weddings in this style are open, new age ceremonies that may use modern poetry or texts chosen by the bride and groom.  In addition, this style allows the couple to incorporate new ceremonial formats or actively involve one or more family members or guests in the ceremony.


Vow Renewals


Vow Renewals: these ceremonies can take the form and style of any of the services mentioned above as it pleases the bride and groom.


Baptisms & Naming Ceremonies


Baptisms:  This ceremony is often related to a particular religion, however John the Baptist did not have a particular religion but baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, baptism is done as a dedication of ones life to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Naming Ceremonies:  There ceremonies are designed by the parents and may include music, poetry, and special readings.




Funerals--Military and/ or Religious


Military:  These services include (to be updated soon) 


Religious:  Usually from a structured denominational service (i.e., Book of Common Prayer).  This may include a worship service at a church or an commitment service or both.